XRay Doll is a production company with a difference.

We do everything from concept to execution. What we don’t do is play it safe. Your audience is saturated with safe.

With over 23 years’ experience in the advertising and fashion worlds, we know how to create concepts and imagery that will make your customers’ spines tingle.

Tingle with what? Curiosity. Anticipation. Intrigue. Horror. Lust. Whatever you want.

So if you’re looking for the road less travelled, we are your people. If you’re looking for the well-trodden path, good luck and god speed.

XRay Doll. Enjoy the ride.


Who we are:

Wassim Bazzi (Director)

Wassim (aka “Waz”) is XRay Doll’s illusionist. He will make you see things that never existed. He will make you believe things you never thought you would believe. And best of all—you don’t even have to ingest anything.

Waz has extensive agency experience as a graphic designer, art director and digital retoucher (we think shaman as well, but can’t prove anything…).

His 13 years’ of industry experience boasts some pretty impressive names including M&C Saatchi, Saatchi & Saatchi, Studio Woo, 303Lowe, US Sydney, Razor Junior, The Locals, The Unimail Group and Ward 6.

Thanks to these gigs, Waz has been able to weave his magic across a variety of industries: fashion, food, lifestyle and medical. You name it, he’s dabbled in it.

On top of this, Waz is also actively involved in the Sydney arts scene, which sees him exhibiting his wares regularly.

Did we mention he’s a philanthropist? Didn’t think so. He’s also Director of the national charity Aids Australia.


Chrissie Hall (Director)

Chrissie Hall is a photographer, director and suspected time traveller: most people she meets think she’s travelled straight from Andy Warhol’s studio, The Factory. Meet her to make up your own mind. She’s open to suggestions of origin.

The Divine Miss C specialises in fashion photography and film, portraiture and social documentary. Her work has taken her to over 30 countries and she’s been published in VICE, The Australian, Salon Business UK, Time Out, Culture, Yen, Hell Yeah, Razor Red Hong Kong, Cherrie and Neu HQ.

She’s also shot for Illasmasqua Makeup UK, SBS Independent TV, Madame Tussauds UK, National Museum of Australia, Miss Teen Queen UK, Miss England, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, Eclipse Hairdressing UK, Milla, Kobe Husk and Sea Shepherd.

Our little time traveller released her debut documentary, “Rat Ribbons”, in 2006 which hit the national and international film circuit. Around 2010 she realised the only thing she hadn’t done was release a book, so voila! 2011 saw the release of her debut book “Pure and Dirty”.

She’s a fearless lass.

Chrissie has also curated and exhibited in over 16 exihibitions and founded artist group FLUX.



Chrissie and Waz have an amazing service offering and were able to capture the exact image and production process that I was looking for as the face of NEW beauty packaging in retail stores. I chose these guys due to their talent and experience in photography and post production. The process was smooth and without any issues!  This combined with their  personality, ability to understand exactly what I was after and the brief and they went above and beyond to make sure every detail was working, plus they are fun to work with – I’m so pleased with the finished result!  I can’t wait to see how this improves the sales of this product in store. I would highly recommend Xray Doll for any image requirements you have for your business and look forward to working with you again soon!

Louise Francis

Brand Manager- Proactiv, Sheer Cover
Guthy- Renker Australia & New Zealand


The imagery Xray Doll created for a crew recruiting and media campaign far surpassed my expectations.  Working with Chrissie, Waz and the rest of the team was a delight and I have been incredibly impressed with Xray Doll’s professionalism throughout the entire process.  I couldn’t believe how much time and dedication they put into creating the images and all to help a good cause!

We had meetings to discuss concepts and an extensive 2 day photoshoot. Their team of handpicked and talented stylists, hair and makeup artists worked their magic to make us look stunning and even custom built a large whale tail as part of the shoot.   We all felt so at ease during the photoshoot with Chrissie and Waz.  The post-production showed a sharp eye for detail and added all the right finishing touches. Our crew are not professional models, but I certainly wouldn’t know the difference with the final results!

Visual media is an integral part of our organisation’s operations and I feel so fortunate that we are now able to incorporate  imagery of this caliber.   The images are creative, fresh, eye-catching and will be a valued contribution to our media and recruiting campaigns for many years to come.

Andrea Gordon

Ship Manager, M/Y Bob Barker
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society