Killing It

As you can probably tell from our last post, we had so much fun working with Stiegler. We love their clothes and so does Alison Mosshart of The Kills - she was rocking a Stiegler singlet at the unveiling of David Lynch’s limited edition bottle of Dom Perignon at Milk Studios in Hollywood last month:

The Kills perform Pots & Pans at David Lynch x Dom Perignon

Stay tuned for more Stiegler – coming soon…

Who Shot Stiegler?

Stiegler are sexy boys who make killer clothes. Their stunning singlets have adorned the likes of Kate Moss and the coolest woman in rock, Alison Mosshart, who fronts The Kills and is Jack White’s sidekick in The Dead Weather. 

Stiegler’s iconic fashion oeuvre is dirty glam rock, so it seemed fitting that XRay Doll should lock them up in a seedy hotel room for our ‘Dressed in Dreams’ photoshoot – hit up our gallery for a little taste, and keep your eyes peeled for the final cut @

For more Stiegler, you can find them on facebook: