Prangsta Exhibition

Our work for the Prangsta shoot exhibiting in London @ Cult Mountain for London Fashion week 2013
“Xray Doll vs Prangsta vs Britt Foe”
Show included a performance by our old friends and clients “My Bad Sister” and was curated by Britt Foe who also styled both shoots. Night was an awesome success all round.

Happy Valentine’s!

Happy Valentine’s boys and girls! In the spirit of this romantic day XRay Doll would like to announce that it has been selected to participate in the “Head On Photo Festival” running May/June this year with our own featured exhibiton. What does this have to do with romance? Well our creative team is making sure that this show will be a sexy runaway of raunchy imagination. Keep an eye out for more details coming soon.

Happy Valentine’s all!

XRay Doll at A Love Brief Exhibition

XRay Doll was proud to finally show off its work at “A Love Brief” and would like to thank the project for inviting us to participate and for putting on such a great night. Can’t wait to do this again!