Talking with the one and only Betty Grumble

Last month Chrissie from Xray Doll spoke with the famous Betty Grumble who is the star of Xray Doll’s recent film clip “One night stand “.  We love working with Betty!!!

1) Whats it like to be famous?

Being famous is like being in a room full of mirrors that you smash up nightly then glue back together in the morning. Infamy is both a curse and a blessing, where the invisible and visible are in flux and you walk a tightrope of power play whilst yourself major wedgies with the sequinned g-string of narcissism.

2) How did Betty feel like after the competition?

Betty feels enraged by competition. She lives for it, or so she is told to live for it. Like a predator the Grumble is in a constant race against her imagined self, like a parrot bouncing infront of its mirrored cage, the race is a dance Grumble never tires of.

3) What where her thoughts when she saw herself in the bin?

When Grumble sees herself disposed she is not suprised. This world can’t handle so much beauty. So she starts the process again, she picks herself out of refuse, recycling and re-inventing body and brain bits. Getting the flesh together to take it on and take it off.

4) How did you go working with the guys at Xray Doll?

Xray Doll create psychedelic, bombastic art that Grumble loves to live within. Xray doll are as freaky as they come and Betty Grumble loves to get on board with their unique brand of colourful and subversive expression.

5) Tell us a crazy story that has happened to you recently?

I am currently in London! The craziest Grumble experience recently has been dancing completely nude at the NYC DOWNLOW with Jonny Woo and the tranimals of London.