3.99Hz The Exhibition

We had the pleasure of sponsoring the show 3.99Hz with our Creative director and Photographer Chrissie Hall and Artist Angie Taylor.

The show opened on the 6th May at the Kind of Gallery. Lots of colour, interactive experiences and a talking brain.

It was a lot of fun working on the show. Below is a review of the show from Concrete Playground.

Our minds have some pretty fascinating capabilities. At all stages of consciousness, this mighty muscle is continually pulsing away and keeping things on course. But what if the boundaries of the brain didn’t exist? And what’s all this nonsense of dreaming really about? Sparking some curious conversation, 3.99hz begs mind-bending questions through an interactive, one-of-a-kind art exhibition.

Bringing together the talents of Angie Kate Taylor and Chrissie Hall, this “surreal artistic experiment” pushes attendees to become immersed in the show’s dream-like space. With installations inspired by Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud and soundscapes provided by Bi0mechanical, you’ll be exploring the limits of your imagination. Throw in references to the works of artists Max Ernst and James Gleeson and American surrealist photographer David LaChapelle, and 3.99hz will make you see your brain in a whole new light.

They’ll be experimental painting, photography and films, all in keeping with the exhibition’s theme of the subconscious. Get lost, allow your thoughts to run free and let the existential crises ensue.

Also check out this link to the interview with Sneaky Magazine. Thanks guys!