Sydney’s historic horrors get Elegant

US magazine Elegant will be featuring our work in the latest (August) issue!

The editorial centres on some of Sydney’s more bizarre murder cases. You see, after our shoot for Peek Tours, we were more than a little inspired by Sydney’s sordid past. While we had plenty of fodder to choose from, uncovering a sequence of Sydney’s most bizarre historic murders really piqued our (morbid) curiosity. We found cakes laced with poison, transgender transgressions, a hacked up body in a suitcase, a love triangle gone horribly wrong…

Anyway, we gave these bizarre cases the Xray Doll treatment and are chuffed to be seeing it in the flesh. So grab yourselves a copy of Elegant here.




Creative concept: Wassim Bazzi and Chrissie Hall @Xray Doll
Producer/Photography: Chrissie Hall @Xray Doll
Art Direction/Retouching: Wassim Bazzi @Xray Doll
Makeup and Hair Directors: Glitta Supernova @Xray Doll and Karen Hopwood
Photography Assistant: Daniel Kukec and Kylie Anne Nelson
Styling: Ella Murphy
Set Designer: David Lloyd
Props: Amanda Davies
Makeup Assistant: Kate Bonar
Hair Assistant: Clare Moriarty
Rattery: Daniela Di Natale @


Models: Thomas Taylor, Jemma Hansen, Ashley Rogers @ Chadwick Models

Dentist/White Queen: David Lloyd

Queen: Matt Format

Xray Doll and Peek Tours: “Don’t Drink Alone” Campaign

Late last year Xray Doll combined forces with Sydney-based tourism company Peek Tours for its Rocks Pub Walk campaign.

The campaign, titled “Don’t Drink Alone”, evokes a moody and menacing atmosphere, with each shot referring to one of the stories told during the Pub Walk.

Interestingly enough though, despite the muted tone and implied violence, it seems one of the below shots was a little too visual and was banned by the powers that be. Nup, not the body in the barrel. Nah-uh, it’s not the bloodied boot. It’s the sock pic. For reals.

Anyway, despite that minor and unforeseeable hiccup, the Xray Doll team did damn well to knock out the creative concept and execute the campaign in just one month.